CMFD55 & CMFD66 for Su30

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Type Approved

Combat Proven

1 Million Flying Hours

The CMFD is a cockpit Multifunction display which is installed on the aircraft instrument panel. It is driven by high-resolution video images coming from external video sources. A multi-function display (MFD) is an LCD screen surrounded by multiple soft keys (configurable buttons) that can be used to display information to the user in numerous configurable ways. It is generally used in concert with a primary flight display, and forms a component of a glass cockpit.The 'Type Approved' MFDs have been ruggedised to withstand harsh avionics environment while maintaining high level of optical and functional performance during the operation.

Salient Features:

STANAG 3350B compliant Analog RGB Video Inputs

RS422 communication

Discrete Inputs and Outputs

Ruggedised AMLCD based displays

LED & CCFL backlighting

Illuminated, NVG compliant bezel

Full Sunlight Readability

High contrast ratio

Wide viewing angles

NVIS compatible display

Compliance with MIL STD 810D, 461C, 3009, 704D, 498

MFD86 for LCH & ALH

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Salient Features:

The MFD86 is a cockpit Multi-function display designed to be installed on a helicopter/aircraft instrument panel. It is driven by high-resolution video images coming from external video sources.

The MFD86 has been designed & developed using proven technology for airworthy applications. The design is modular and such that failure of one card/one module on a card does not lead to total failure of the LRU. The Multi-Function Display (MFD86) is based on an AMLCD based colour display panel. The MFD86 has temperature sensors to measure the internal temperature and for automatic thermal management. It receives DVI-D video inputs for display on the LCD and is equipped with a high brightness LED backlight. Typically is MFD86 is connected to two Display and Mission Computers (DMC) over RS422, DVI video interfaces.

A Bezel is integrally mounted on the Front Panel and provides means of controlling the mode and data entry functions of the Mission Computer and for selecting and controlling the display presented on the MFD86.

Display of video images received on DVI-D Video Input

Management of the man machine interface.

RS422 Serial Communication between Display Mission Computer and MFD86.

Supports Manual/Automatic Brightness control (Using Ambient Light Sensor).

Generates DVI-D Video output (for recording purpose)

Built In Test (BIT)


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Salient Features:

The Smart Multifunction Displays (CMFD-0608S and CMFD-1209S) are AMLCD based display unit with both graphics generation and video display capability. They contain pages for display of flight instrumentation, targeting, mapping and engine instrumentation. It can be used for selection of modes of operation such as Navigation, Radar and LDP and entry of navigation data. The integration of the displays with Mission computer, other onboard Avionics and sensors is through MIL-1553B bus, ARINC 429, RS 422, discretes for data. The video interfaces are based on the digital ARINC 818 standard. This display is capable of presenting full screen display or multiple window displays. Graphics can be overlaid on video to maximize the information available to the pilot.

ARINC 818 Fibre Optic channel based Digital Video Input and Output

MIL 1553B, ARINC429, RS422 and Gigabit Ethernet communication

Ruggedised Large Sized AMLCD based Displays

LED backlight

Fanless design

High end Graphics Processing capability supporting Open GL ES 2.0

Memory for a large number of complex pages

Windowing capability

Illuminated, NVG compliant bezel

High Brightness

Full Sunlight Readability

High contrast ratio

Wide viewing angles

NVIS compliant display

Compliance with MIL STD 810D, 461C, 3009, 704D

Open Architecture Hardware & Software design

Optional: FC-AE-ASM communication