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Salient Features:

The Integrated Standby Instrument Systemis a 3 ATI standby display unit and provides basic flight parameters like attitude, airspeed and heading to pilots during failure of the primary flight displays. It is a 3 ATI AMLCD based display; an indigenous product developed using innovative technology, advanced materials and state-of-the-art systems and software. The display includes an embedded attitude sensor and is connected to the Air Data Sensor and Magnetometer through serial links.

The product has been crafted to cope with adverse and demanding environmental conditions requiring extremely high levels of performance in defence applications.

Built with State-of-the-Art LCD Ruggedization Technology developed in-house

Optically bonded for improved anti-reflective performance

High Contrast Ratio

Heater glass embedded into an optically bonded LCD stack for operation under sub-zero temperatures

Wide viewing angle

High Brightness module based on LED backlight

Enhanced Sunlight readability

Power PC Processor based low power design.

Dedicated PCI express graphics controller for Graphics application.

Giga bit Ethernet controller.

Four channel of ARINC 429 communication.

1 Giga byte NAND memory for File system support.

USB support for firmware uploads.

Two channel RS422 communication.

Embedded Attitude sensor to sense the attitude of the aircraft.

Connected to Air Data Sensor and Magnetometer over Serial Links for sensing Altitude, Airspeed and Heading

Fanless Design

Mechanical Interface: Weight - 1.8 Kg Dimensions - 3.5" (H) x 3.5" (W) x 8" (D)

Electrical Interfaces- Communication-

4 High Speed ARINC 429 Input Channel

2 High Speed ARINC 429 Output Channel

2 Rs422

2 Rs422


Environmental and EMI/EMC Qualification- As per DO160D